24 Hour Turnaround

24-turnaround for dictations so your practice can focus on timely billing and patient authorizations.

24 Hour Turnaround

Dictation Options

Dictate on a phone line, hand held recorder or if you want to go old school and use tapes, we accept that too!

24 Hour Turnaround

STAT Dictations

You won’t be charged extra for needing reports right away. We understand the necessity for immediate attention to a patient’s needs.

24 Hour Turnaround

EHR Entry

We’ll input into your existing system allowing productivity by focusing on seeing patients, and not being waylaid by time-consuming EHR duties.

24 Hour Turnaround

Fax Services

Deliver to referring physicians all at no extra fee.

24 Hour Turnaround

No Startup Fees or Minimums

Start dictating today! You will only be charged for the reports you dictate and nothing else!

24 Hour Turnaround

All reports storage

We will store your reports for at least one year or longer – per your request.

24 Hour Turnaround

No Long-term Contracts

No commitments! Dictate as little or much as you like. No hidden fees


Faber is the best! We have never had a better transcription company. I'm very thankful. So glad we found them.





Kandi Shangula

Billing Manager




For 20 years, Faber Transcription has been prompt in delivery of my reports. Without hesitation Faber Transcription is of the utmost positive benefit to any business that uses their services.



Daniel T. Malatesta

Ed.D. Psychologist


Medical transcription is very important in any physician's practice. I highly recommend Faber Transcription as they have never been late with delivery and accuracy is up to par.



Martin P. Smith





I love their service so much. Just a few reports and I feel so relieved already!




Terry Stempien

Speech Pathologist



I have used Faber Transcription for our clients for over 15 years and have been extremely satisfied with the price, turnaround and content of their service.



Larry Preston

MBA HFMA, President


Flawless. I'm delighted with your quality and speed!



Dr. Daniel Bressler

Medical Doctor

Speedy and accurate. Always pleased!



Dr. Angela Rickhouse




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