Our goal is to optimize your transcription needs seamlessly.

About us:

At Faber Transcription, we’ve been providing our clients “best of class” medical transcription services since 1990. We strive to maintain our position as one of the most innovative and trusted medical transcription services in the U.S. by offering the ultimate transcription solution. With services tailored to fit various doctors’ schedules and work-flow, we excel in every major medical specialty. In addition to state-of-the-art technology and HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services, we provide:

• Competitive Pricing
• 24-hour Turnaround
• Customizable service that meets your practice requirements and work-flow

Along with handling the entire transcription process, we help you eliminate extra costs by not charging for:

• Faxing
• Printing
• File Retrieval
• STAT Reports

Why Faber Transcription:

In addition, we can interface directly with your EHR system and do the inputting for you, thereby, streamlining your entire operation and ensure PHI records are always up to date. This process is provided with the same reliability and quality that Faber Transcription has built up and has become known for over its 28-year history.

Faber Transcription works with the most dedicated medical transcriptionists around, and we offer our services nationwide. We’ll never outsource our work – we are 100% U.S. based!